Chickens for sale from Woodlands Chickens Kent

We supply a variety of point of lay hybrid hens, including Rhode Rocks, Commercial Browns, Ambers, Black Sussex and Blacktails. We also supply Pekins in a wide variety of different colours. Please call for our latest stock.

Rhode Rocks

Hardy and docile. Suitable for all terrains and weather. Good brown eggs with excellent shell quality. Rhode Rocks will lay about 260 - 280 eggs per annum.

Commercial Browns

Either Isa Brown, Warren, Goldline, Hy-line or Lohmann Brown. Easy to manage and docile. Commercial Browns lay approximately 300 eggs per annum.


Ambers are very friendly and docile. They lay 280 - 300 brown eggs per annum.


Blacktails are very calm, easy going and hardy. They lay between 320 - 340 brown eggs per annum.

Pekin Bantams

Pekin Bantams are very docile and pretty. With regular handling they will enjoy sitting on their owners lap and being stroked. They are ideal pets for families with younger children for this reason. They have feathered legs and feet so they will cause little or no damage to foliage. Their size makes them an ideal choice for small gardens. Pekin Bantams will lay approximately 120 - 160 eggs per annum.



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