Welcome to Woodlands Chickens Kent. We supply chickens, chicken houses, chicken coops and accessories to customers in Kent, Surrey and South London.

Chickens make fantastic pets. They are very easy to look after. They are incredibly calming to watch with their gentle demeanor. A minimum of about 10 minutes per day is all it takes to keep your chickens happy. In return, they will provide you with absolutely delicious fresh eggs!

We also supply all the equipment you will need for your chickens including a range of houses and coops manufactured in the UK. We normally have a selection of chicken houses and coops on display. In addition we supply runs, feeders, drinkers, bedding and feed - everything you need to embark on your chicken keeping journey.

We are located on the Kent and Surrey border near Westerham on the outskirts of South London. We are inside the M25 only 15 mins from Junction 4 or 6 - very accessible from many areas.

Visitors are welcome by appointment. Our stock is continually changing, so please call to find out availability.

We supply both hybrid chickens and Pekins. The hybrids we normally have are Rhode Rocks, Commercial Browns, Ambers, Black Sussex and Blacktails. The Pekin Bantams are available in a wide variety of colours - please call to check our latest stock.

Please contact us to arrange a visit to Woodlands Chickens Kent

Mobile: 07732 273577   Landline: 01959 575910

Email: karenha11@aol.com



UPDATED 6/8/21




10 AND 17 week old Pekin Bantams in a variety of colours


ARRIVING 26/8/21



Rhode Rocks, Blacktails, Goldlines, Black Sussex and Speckled Maran


Call Karen on 07732 273577 to reserve your hens.









Chicken house/coop/run/electric poultry netting


Bedding - Easichick stockists